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Expertly Applying Roughcasting and Rendering to Walls in AYR, GLASGOW, Lanarkshire & SERVING THE WHOLE OF SCOTLAND

Whether you are repairing or renewing your walls, our rough-casting and rendering services are the perfect solution. At Crown Roofing, in Ayr, Glasgow & Lanarkshire, we are able to apply rough-casting and rendering for exterior walls. Having a strong and durable layer applied protects the wall from damage and the effects of inclement weather while also waterproofing it. No matter if we are applying rendering or rough-casting, we follow a 3-step process. It starts with the walls being stripped, before they are scratched and then finally coated with the new surface. Rest assured that only the finest materials are used in our rendering and rough-casting, providing a top-quality finish. To discuss these services, or learn more about our driveway cleaning or roof and wall coatings, give us a call.

At Crown Roofing we’re dedicated to helping your home to look its best using our energy efficient roof and wall coatings. Our services are available throughout Scotland, and we specialise in restoring roofs with concrete or clay tiles. Our unique, specialist coating restores the appearance of your roof, as well making it last longer. We offer a 10-year guarantee with all work, and there are eight colours to choose from. This not only enhances your property, it also suits the character and style of your home. We make your roof and walls look new again in a colour to suit you.

CONTACT US now, in Ayr, Glasgow & Lanarkshire, for further details about our wall coating and restoration services.

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